This is for those with a duece that didnt have the visor style cpillar trim with the drilled visor nib holes.

My previous side C-Pillar trim did not have the holes for the visor nibs and I drilled them by just holding them up and guestimating. It turned out ok - but it wasn't perfect and precise like I wanted it to be. I had thought how handy it would have been to have a template to do it proper.

Now I have a set of side CPillar trim that has the factory holes and so I took the opportunity to quickly make one as I thought it might help someone else wanting to do the same thing.

Of course if you are doing this you still need to locate the two long bolts and bushings to complete the project but this will at least get your nib holes (if you want them) in the proper place and proper size with confidence.

When I started replacing my trim today and while I had it off, I took a piece of paper and a pencil and made a simple impression template.

Do not print this from the browser or it wont come out right. Just download the PDF to your PC and print the attached file out so it is rendered properly on standard 8.5x11 and use it for a template. If the template doesnt match up exact to your bolt holes then your software or print options is modifying the image in some way. The distance between the outside edges of each bolt hole in the picture is 6.75 inches and the width of each piece of c-trim is 1.25 inches. So if those are not your proportions then your computer/printer driver is scaling it from original in some way. Check printer properties and make sure it is not selected to "FIT TO PAPER" which is the default. Scaling should be NONE for this one.... ok...

The nib hole is a size 3/8 drill bit. Drill VERY VERY slowly with a nice sharp bit and it should not be a problem with cracking. If you had a method to drill by hand it would probably be best.

Any resistance or catching of the bit should be stopped immediately and start again so you are just slowly shaving slivers at a time in a manner so as the drill bit does not become stuck. NEVER force the bit to turn when it is hanging or stuck; just reverse the drill and start over a small sliver at a time. Its a finesse job not a power job. My variable ryobi drill was adequate as it will move VERY slow.

I thought if I were doing this I would print out the template and transfer it to a strip of painters masking tape and line it up on the c-trim and drill the nib hole right through the tape. Remove the tape when done of course.

cpillar nib template.pdf
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